because people matter

this is a call to courage for our food production systems. . .

  • Social Justice
  • Rural Economies
  • Political Transparency
  • Soil Health

Independent farmers are getting squeezed out.  They need to make a living.  We need biodiversity and strong economies. Not monopolies.

The elderly are also more susceptible to the hazardous emissions coming from factory farms and water contamination.

The issues

  • Food & Water Safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Antibiotic Effectiveness/Superbugs
  • Environment

Children are more susceptible to health implications from neurotoxins emitted by factory farms.

be courageous for them

Courage to consider the recipe, the story of your food

Question #1. Would you be allowed to visit the farm where this food was raised?

Question # 2. How many chemicals, antibiotics, and noxious gases were ingested by the animal that is now your sandwich meat?

Question #3. How many chemicals and synthetic processes were involved in growing and processing the wheat for your bread and vegetables for your salad?

Your assignment is to imagine for one week that your water is contaminated with coliform bacteria and has high levels of nitrates and nitrites--something that has happened to families living next to animal factories due to pits that fail and contaminate ground water.  Every time you turn on your faucet, every time you need water, imagine this contamination.  This is reality for innocent families - 24/7/365.

Courage  Focus  -- water


Courage for the World
Read the true story behind the movement.  Join Ima, Ruth, David, and John as they fight for their neighborhood and face off against Dick, Judas, Samuel and team industrial agriculture.  This easy-to-read human interest story highlights the issues, the research, and employable ideas for change.

What will your courage look like? Are you a strategist, a pray-er, a law maker, a vocal consumer?  Thank you for visiting, together let us find our Courage for the World!




Let’s make food production sustainable and community friendly


Courage for the World

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